I may no longer depend on pleasant impulses to bring me before the Lord. I must rather respond to principles I know to be right, whether I feel them to be enjoyable or not.
- Jim Elliott

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.
Jim Elliot

Most Christians do not have fellowship with God; they have fellowship with each other about God.
- Paris Reidhead

All heresy is either the Bible plus, or the Bible minus.
- Lewis S. Chafer (1871-1952)

I am a fool for Christ...whose fool are you?
- Brother Andrew

How few of the Lord's people have practically recognised the truth that Christ is either Lord of all or He not Lord at all! If we can judge God's Word, instead of being judged by it, if we can give God as much or little as we like, then we are lords and He the indebted one, to be grateful for our dole and obliged by our compliance with His wishes. If on the other hand He is Lord, let us treat Him as such. 'Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not thethings which I say?'
- Hudson Taylor (1832-1905)

Those who say they will forgive but can't forget, bury the hatchet, but they leave the handle out for immediate use.
- D.L. Moody

Even so, come, Lord Jesus; come quickly," and to hear Him saying, in reply, "Awake, watch, be ready; for ye know not in what hour the Son of Man shall come." Let any man study the Saviour's words, "Watch, and be ready," and then ask himself, "For what?" Here is the answer: For the return of the Lord as the King of Glory, and as the Husband or Bridegroom of His beloved Church. Let any man study these things and then look up and say, "What does it mean for me?" The answer is clear: "Be ye holy, for I am holy; and be ye also ready at any moment, to rise and meet your Lord when He comes for His Bride.
- Hammer William Webb-Peploe (vicar of St. Paul's in Onslow, England, 1837-1923, from an address delivered on December 13, 1917

You could not be saved through any effort of your own, but now that you are saved it is necessary for you to put forward every effort you can to glorify Him.
- H.A. Ironside

When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart.
- John Wesley