I stumbled across the following while reading a link on my wife's Facebook page: Having read Jim Elliot's (while to be more correct, his wife's plublication of his) diary and other happenings; "Through Gates of Splendor" two or three times, I have always had the same feelings about the movie, "End of the Spear". The greater tradgy was not the death of the missionaries but the fact that only fifty or so years later that we could produce a movie that misses the very point of what it was all about.  Not only must it grieve our Lord but truely it does a disservice to those "of whom the world was not worthy (Hebrews 11:38).

Psalm 1 starts "Blessed is the man who ...." When I think about blessing, what comes to mind; wealth, health, popularity, safety, food, relationships, etc? As you think on the words "Blessing" or "Blessed" you may begin to realise that in fact, outside of a church service, that these words are not used much nowadays. And as I think about it further, I am inclined to conclude that the desire for "blessings"  (or being "Blessed") has generally been surplanted by the pursuit of "Happiness". 

Just some quick thoughts that challenged me Psalm 81.
If we insist in doing things our way, then God will "give us over to our own desires" and we will lose out in the end. The fact is that He wants to "give us His finest".
At the end of the day I suppose it boils down to the following:
  1. Am I actively pursuing a relationship with my God?
  2. Am I submitting to Him and allowing Him to speak into my life?
  3. Do I have a heart for Him?
  4. Am I someone after God's own heart? (Acts 13:22)

Why does God single out these three men: Noah, Daniel and Job?

Ezekiel 14:12-20