Youth Group Ideas

Custom cards can be created for this game or regular playing cards will suffice.

The group stand in a circle, facing each other, and each person is given a card. Some cards represent hit-men, others detectives and the rest civilians. No one is allowed to know what card the others have.

Depending on the size of the group, the following quantities can be increased.

  • 2 hit-men
  • 5 detectives

The objective if for the hit-men to try and assassinate everyone before being discovered and arrested by the detectives. A person is assassinated if a hit-man winks at them.

If a detective thinks they know who the assassin is then they can reveal their identity and challenge that person. If they are correct, the assassin is arrested and out of the game. If they are wrong then they (the detective) are fired and also out of the game.

The games ends after all the assassins  are arrested or all the detectives are fired or killed.